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5 Responses to Badam Paak ( Almond Squares)

  1. Salma

    This list of ingredients is incomplete. All items should be added on this list on the onset with measurements to make this dish easier to make.

  2. Khatoon Gulamani

    Hi Salma,
    Thank you for pointing out the omissions. The webmaster has made the corrections.

  3. nilofer

    salam alykum
    just wanted to ask is the measurement right for dible gum that’s one and half pound
    was salam

  4. nilofer

    salam alykum
    just wanted to know is the measurement right for gund that’s one and half
    pound for badam pak
    was salam

  5. Khatoon Gulamani.

    Hi Nilofer, malekul salaam.
    Thanks for your inquiry. The edible gum is not 1.1/2 lbs. but it is 1.1/2 tablespoons. Please check the recipe again. You are welcome for further comments. Happy New Year!
    Salaams, Khatoon.

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