Dhokra (Steamed Besan Snack)

  • Yield : Serves 6


rencontre à wicker park vf In a glass bowl, mix yogurt and warm water and 2
types of flour until smooth. The mixture should be a
thick batter, of pouring consistency. Add little water
or flour if necessary. Cover and leave aside at room
temperature for three to four hours to rise.
When the batter is ready, add ginger paste, garlic
paste, cilantro, fenugreek leaves, salt, sugar, turmeric
powder, cumin seeds, coriander seeds, chili and citric
acid or lemon juice. Warm up three tbs of oil and add
to the mixture.
In a large deep saucepan boil 6” deep water. Place a
ring to hold 8x2” round foil pan. Grease the pan with
the remaining 1 tbs of oil, and adjust the pan on the
Add bicarbonate of soda and Eno Fruit Salt to the
batter. Mix quickly and immediately pour the batter
into the greased foil pan, which is inside the saucepan
with boiling water, on medium to high heat.
Cover tightly and steam for 20-30 minutes or until the
dhokra is firm to the touch, then leave the pan open
for five minutes to dry the top. Turn off the heat, and
let it cool completely before removing the dhokra
from the pan. When cool, cut into squares. Serve with
different types of chutney or red hot chutney.

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