Fried Yuca (Cassava)

Fried Yuca (Cassava)

By December 1, 2014

Yuca is called Mhogo in EAST AFRICA

  • Yield : 6-8 servings



Peel the yuca, cut into finger size strips, wash in
plenty of water to remove the grit. Discard the centre
In a glass bowl, mix 2 cups of water with salt, chili
powder and lemon juice. Marinate the yuca pieces at
room temperature for at least two hours, or keep in
the refrigerator for four hours.
In a deep wok, fry the yuca strips in medium to hot
oil, after removing from the marinade. They should be
golden brown, crisp and well cooked through. Fry a
few pieces at a time.
Use the marinade to make a dip by adding tomato
ketchup, red chili sauce and a little sugar. A tasty
finger food!
Note: You may use frozen yuca if fresh is not available.

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2 Responses to Fried Yuca (Cassava)

  1. Shelina Shariff-Zia

    I am trying to avoid deep fried foods. Does baking the yucca pieces work instead?

  2. Khatoon Gulamani

    Hi Shelina,
    Thank you for your question. I have never tried baked Yucca. In my opinion, it may become hard to bite. Instead you may grill it or barbecue it after marinating for a few hours. The other method is to par-boil it in slightly salty water before baking. In Tanzania, the vendors there barbecued large pieces of Yucca (Muhogo) with its skin,. They split the large pieces into thick slices, grilled on their charcoal barbecue stove and sold to their customers after applying salt and red powdered chilly, with some lemon juice. Very tasty!
    Please let me know how your baked muhogo turned out after baking. Good Luck! Khatoon.

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