Ugali (maize flour meal with beans & fish)

Ugali (maize flour meal with beans & fish)

By May 30, 2014

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  • Yield : 2 servings


Instructions Ugali
Boil the water and keep aside, warm. In a medium
size saucepan, mix 1 cup of boiled water with
1/2 cup of the flour. Stir on medium heat.

When the mixture starts bubbling, add the remaining
flour and some boiled water. Add salt and oil. Stir
to avoid lumps, adding more water if necessary.

Continue kneading with a wooden spoon until the
ugali is smooth and cooked to perfection and the
water is absorbed. You may add more hot
water if needed.

When done, transfer the ugali to a
plate and form into small balls while still hot.

rencontre des filles en ligne Fish
Heat the oil on medium and fry the fish. Discard
the marinade. Keep aside. Beans
Heat the oil on medium and saute the onion until

Add the cooked beans and all the ingredients
except coconut cream.

Let the mixture simmer on medium heat for a
couple of minutes, then add the coconut cream
diluted with water. Cook uncovered for 5-10

Serve with ugali and fried fish

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2 Responses to Ugali (maize flour meal with beans & fish)

  1. Khatoonbai, all your recipes are excellent.Specially yahoo and macho, we always have ugali on Sundays with chicken curry.
    curry should be watery with nice Marsalis. Specially Barak masala and be hot spicy. Then enjoy ugali.Awaiting some more recipes. Hope you have lots to offer.I am interested in cooking. Especially pastries,cakes,cheese cakes, chicken rolls and more.
    Thanks and keep up good web

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    I am not very good at cakes and pastries, but I am sure you will try some other
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