Mandazi (Sweet Bread)

Mandazi (Sweet Bread)

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arabische mУЄnner flirten

find Mandazi is a favorite breakfast snack in East Africa. It is a type of bread that is fried in hot oil on a
stovetop. It is not baked in an oven. Many food vendors in the streets and roadside
restaurants sell mandazi on their breakfast menu. They are good with tea or coffee.

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  • Yield : 16 mandazi


learn this here now Soak the yeast in quarter cup of warm water with
1 tsp sugar. Cover tightly to let it rise for about 10 to
15 minutes. When the yeast has fully fermented, mix it
with the warm coconut cream. Keep aside.

exemple de lettre pour site de rencontre In a large dish, sieve the flour, add sugar, oil and
cardamom seeds and bind with the coconut cream
and yeast mixture to make a soft dough.

Grease a deep warm metal pan and transfer the
dough to this pan covering it tightly to let it rise in a
warm place. This will take about 3 to 4 hours. The
dough should resemble the pizza dough. You may
adjust it by adding a little flour or cream if necessary.

When the dough has risen considerably, divide it into
8 equal portions. Roll out each portion about ¼ inch
thick and 4 inches round on a lightly floured pastry

Cut the rounds into half making crescent
shape. Place all the rolled out pastries on paper
towels on a table for about 30 minutes to let them rise

Deep fry the mandazi in hot oil in a nonstick deep wok
3 to 4 pieces at a time to give them ample space to
rise. This will depend upon the size of your pan. Do
not over-crowd them. The mandazi should puff up and
become golden brown on both sides by flipping once
or twice.

Transfer the cooked mandazi to a colander to drain
the oil, then arrange on an absorbent paper-lined tray.

Serve with tea or coffee.

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